About Us

B&L Telephone has been serving your telephony needs since 1983

For any inquiries on B&L Telephone, our products, and our services please feel free to contact us during business hours. You may want to check below to see if your answer is listed with some of the most common questions about our company.

Does B&L Telephone respond to service calls in a timely matter?

Yes, most definitely! B&L Telephone has a strict policy to respond to each and every customer with same day/next day service.

I may not be interested in buying a new phone system but may need service on my existing system. Can B&L take care of me and my company?

Absolutely, we are not here to just try and sell you a new system. If you are happy with your existing system, B&L will still proudly service it.

What makes B&L Telephone different than other companies in the same field?

We are an authorized NEC dealer that believes strongly in our product that we sell. We know that customer service is our number one priority and that each and every customer is important to the success of our business.

Is your billing process an easy one to understand?

Yes, there are no hidden costs and we do nothing without approval from you. With more complex jobs, we will always give you a quote first and will not begin work without your approval and a promise from us that the cost will not rise.

I am in need of some voice and data cable runs. Is B&L Telephone able to handle this or can I just hire anyone to take care of my cabling needs?

B&L Telephone is trained and experienced with handling voice and data cabling and we know all the Do’s and Don’ts procedures with CAT 3, CAT 5, CAT 5e, CAT 6, CAT 7, plenum and non-plenum rated cables. Even if you do not hire B&L Telephone to handle your cabling needs, please do hire a company with experience and TRUE knowledge of the handling of voice and data cabling.

If we choose to buy a new phone system will we be responsible and have to take time out of our busy schedule to train each and every new employee on the phone system?

NO, B&L Telephone offers FREE training on the life of your phone system. We will come to your office to train any of your employees. We also will give you the address to our NEC website that will take you step by step on each procedure if you need a refresher on a particular option.