UX5000 IntraMail

IntraMail is a full-featured Voice Mail Auto Attendant system that will transfer incoming callers and record Voice Mail messages. Eliminate or minimize the need for an operator or receptionist. IntraMail automatically answers incoming calls and provides callers a wide variety of dialing options (i.e., press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Service).

Fax Detection
The Automated Attendant can automatically detect incoming fax calls and transfer them to a fax machine, maximizing the use of your telephone lines.

Email Integration
Receive notification of a new voice mail message to your inbox or Email device. In addition, the sent notification can optionally include the recorded message as a WAV file attachment. With this option, if you have the ability to access your Email, you can also have the ability to listen to your voice mail messages without having to call your office.